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A Brief History of Mamajuana
While all cultures embrace their own native drinks, you may indeed hear someone request mamajuana if visiting the Dominican Republic.  Also known as “Mother Jane” or “Baby Maker,” this exotic island rum-based drink has been said to produce mythical powers of vitality.  Others know it for its widely rumored stories of curing a common cold/flu or more severe ailments including liver, kidneys, blood circulation and more (please see Ingredients & Benefits). 
The Taino Indians, who originally inhabited the island of Hispaniola 800 years ago, consumed this drink for medicinal purposes.  Today, the natives, as well as anyone who visits the island, drink mamajuana for its vibrant flavors drawing from natural herbs and roots such as Brazil root, star anise, cinnamon, China root and many others.  
Fortunately, through Don Zavier, you do not necessarily have to be on the island to experience and benefit from this legendary drink concoction.  Once you consume it, it will become a part of your life, allowing years of basking in the warmth and flavor of a family/island tradition.
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